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    We are mobile. We bring our services to you.


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    https://healthyaltitudes.com                                                                    Owner of Healthy Altitudes Movable Health and Fitness Solutions 

    FREE Healthy Small Business Appraisals! ($200 value)

    We will be offering these to assessments to small Erie businesses at no charge from February through March. Normally a $200 value. At these assessments, we can visit the workplace and do a simple and effective assessment of overall health of employees, health of the environment, and discuss and provide effective ways to build a slightly healthier and happier work environment without expensive costs. This is our way of giving back to the small business community in Erie. Visit: https://tinyurl.com/healthybusinessappraisal                


    1.     Tell us about your business.

    We deliver top quality health and fitness services to you at your home, at work and in your community.

    2.     When, why and how did you start your business?

    Healthy Altitudes started in 2007 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with personal training and group fitness instruction.  

    Statistics show a good wellness program pays off – to employees and their companies. One study by the Chapman Institute shows companies with onsite health promotion have on average a 28 percent reduction in workers being absent and a 26 percent reduction in health costs(http://thinkhealth.priorityhealth.com/10-wellness-program-ideas-for-small-businesses).  So, over the last 10 years, we have served companies, communities, and individuals all around the Front Range and even across America with in person and online health and fitness programming. We began our mobile health and fitness services delivery business in January of 2018 and continue to serve businesses and communities with our Movable Studio which serves as a mobile health, fitness, and event rental space.

    3.     Give us an example of a time you went above and beyond to provide good customer service.

    Every day we provide the best service possible to the people we serve. We provide time savings, with accessible, approachable, and educated resources for health and fitness to our clients everywhere. We bring convenience, equipment, and simplicity to health and fitness workouts online and in-person and we bring knowledge to our health promotion and consulting services for the health and happiness of companies. All these services and resources make our customers happy daily.  

    4.     Give us an example of a time an Erie-based business went above and beyond to provide YOU with good customer service.

    One of my most memorable experiences of great service in Erie is when I was shopping for insurance and the agent came to my house to personally go over the policy details with me. I thought it was a nice touch of service and class. It showed they cared about my needs and they emphasized that they wanted to save me time from driving to their office.

    5.     Where is your favorite place to eat in Erie?

    My favorite place to eat and shop in Erie is at Super King Soopers. They have all the ingredients to make healthy choices morning, noon, or night. I love being able to create healthy meals from real ingredients. I love the challenge of getting in and out without buying unnecessary items or extra “suggest-sell” items.

    6.     Tell us about a chamber event you enjoyed and found memorable - and why.

    The most memorable Chamber event(s) I attend and volunteer with are the concerts in the park. I love the sense of community, the amount of energy involved, and that it all takes place in a park outside.

    7. What do you do in your free time?

    I love finding time to relax with my family at home or on adventures. I also love balancing in my own adventures climbing mountains, skiing uphills, cycling, running, reading, and eating Chinese food. People have come to think that all I do is exercise but one of my favorite things to do is to relax in total silence.

    8. What's something few people know about you or your business?

    As the owner of Healthy Altitudes, I set a world record delivering cycling to all 50 states in 50 consecutive days in 2007 traversing over 5000 miles while raising funds for cancer programs. My team and I traversed over 5000 miles in all 50 states to get more people cycling and moving to promote health and fitness to prevent cancer.

    Now, we continue to deliver more than just fitness. Our start was bringing a mobile cycling studio to events, businesses, and communities but now we have expanded offer healthy business audits, health and fitness classes, personal training, boot camps, high intensity interval training and health and fitness programs online. Our goal is to make health and fitness simple, fun, and educational while showing you how to fit wellness into your current lifestyle.

    9. How has joining the Chamber benefited you?

    I have met a lot of great people and business owners. I have built relationships with other businesses and friendships that go beyond our local community. Through the Chamber, I have made friends, learned from other businesses, and grown to appreciate how we can all work together and build a healthy and happy community. The Chamber has helped me keep a balance of work, fun, and growth within the small business network we have in town. I hope to be able to give back to our small business owners and offer complimentary health audits to assess their overall health and balance of their company and employee health habits.

    10. What have you discovered about Erie that pleasantly surprised you?

    Recently, I discovered that the park in Colliers Hill has an adult fitness space. This is a great example of how you can fit in fitness anywhere. It doesn’t have to take a long time to move just a little bit and build some endurance and strength that will help you live longer and be more productive. It is possible for adults to move and play at a playground right alongside kids.