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  • A Message From The 2017 President of the Erie Chamber of Commerce

    “Big Business” in Erie

    The Erie Chamber of Commerce is big: really BIG! Ok, when compared to the 800,000

    plus members of one Chamber Organization in Paris, France, our 300 members (and

    Growing!) might not seem big , but we do play a BIG role in the promotion and growth

    of our local business members. Since the year 1599 and the first established Chamber in

    Marseille France, to the Erie Colorado Chamber in 2017, the focus has remained the same:

    showcasing local businesses and providing a climate for growth. Go to any of the Chamber

    sponsored events in Erie and you are going to see Big! Big Balloons, Big crowds and Big

    smiles. From the Town Fair and Concerts in the Park all the way through to the Country

    Christmas Parade year-end finale, there are always opportunities to view the “Big” that

    Erie has to offer. A list of members and a convenient calendar of these “Big” events can

    be found on the up-to-date Erie Chamber of Commerce website and mobile app: what

    would those first Chamber members think of that? Technology advantages aside, they did

    have something that we do too: great businesses seeking to grow and connect with their

    customers. Our Network at Noon, Business After Hours and Leads Groups are additional

    ways to connect and communicate business to business.

    Chamber membership communicates to us that you are involved in the community and

    that you care about your customers. It also speaks to the pride that you have in your

    business and that your reputation is important to you. Customers are big on trust and

    quality, and Chamber Membership speaks to that in a “Big” way.

    Thank you for supporting the Erie Chamber of Commerce throughout the upcoming year.

    Jeff Wagnaar, President, Erie Chamber of Commerce