• 235 Wells Street

    PO Box 97

    Erie, CO 80516

    (303) 828-3440 | erie@eriechamber.org



    Address: 515 Briggs St., Erie, CO 80516

    Website: www.foxdogcoffee.com

    Contact: Ben and Stephanie Hauser



    1. Tell us about your business

    FOX•DOG COFFEE is a family-owned, independent coffee shop in Erie, Colorado. We exist to inspire the coffee journey by loving and serving everyone in our community. We seek to provide a customer-focused approach to our business that connects to others through a quality cup of coffee. In this way, we cultivate an intentional space for our guests to share stories and experiences with one another, and to build bridges between friends, family, and strangers alike.

    At FOX•DOG, our vision is to create a unique environment that celebrates our community by providing quality coffee, excellent service, and a space to gather and build relationships with one another. Our motto that infiltrates everything we do is simple, but profound: LOVE • SERVE • INSPIRE.



    1. When, why and how did you start your business?

    The concept for FOX•DOG COFFEE began as a small but mighty seed in our hearts many years ago. We pictured building a unique environment that celebrated our community by providing great coffee, excellent service, and a space to gather and build relationships with one another. When the opportunity to open a shop in Old Town Erie came along, the two of us felt that the time had come to make our vision a reality.           

    We began construction on the space in early 2019, just a few weeks after our youngest son made a surprise appearance 4 months early, and poured our first official cup of coffee six months later on July 15, 2019. Through many twists and turns, we have been able to realize our vision and build the coffee shop of our dreams - one that serves and celebrates our community both at home and abroad through a faithful service of love, gratitude, and great coffee.

    1. Give us an example of a time you went above and beyond to provide good customer service.

    Almost a year before opening our doors, we were approached to provide coffee for the annual Biscuit Days festival. Though we had no store in which to brew, we made sure that we did everything we could to provide our community with quality coffee for the big day, and thanks to some excellent teamwork behind the scenes, we were able to deliver all the coffee needed for the event. We loved connecting with the people in the Erie community that day and spreading the FOX•DOG love!


    1. Tell us about a Chamber event you enjoyed and found memorable – and why.

    Truly any time spent with Elle is a memorable time. When we were first joining the Chamber, we came in to introduce ourselves and ended up staying for over an hour chatting and enjoying conversations about our wonderful town! We hadn’t even gotten the keys to the space yet, and we were made to feel like we already belonged.



    1. What’s something few people know about you or your business?

    There are many fun little secrets about and around the shop (ask us sometime about the antlers above the cream and sugar), but one thing many people wonder is about the origin of the name. The name FOX•DOG was inspired by our twin boys. We feel that one has many character traits of a fox and the other of a dog, and one person even commented that the fox and the dog were their spirit animals. It seems silly at first, but the more you get to know them, the more you can tell which is which!


    1. How has joining the Chamber benefited you?

    We feel instantly connected to the community of businesses in Erie, and value the fact that we are able to be a part of creating and reviving an incredible downtown area with other business owners and members of the community at large.



    1. What have you discovered about Erie that pleasantly surprised you?

    When our son was born so many months early, we were met with gracious understanding and support for the delay in opening the storefront. We received messages and gifts of hope and excitement and were overwhelmed with the support we were given from everyone, including community members we had never met. What an incredible town to build a business in and what a wonderful group of people to have the privilege of serving. We love our Erie community!