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Membership Rates

Our Mission Statement

Uniting Community and Commerce

Erie Chamber Membership Dues

2023 Erie Business Membership Rates based on the number of employees


# of Employees Dues
1 employee $ 270.00
2-10 employees $ 300.00
11-25 employees $ 325.00
26-75 employees $ 350.00
76+ employees $ 450.00
Individual - non business
$ 130.00
Associate Member $ 145.00



Individual & Non-Profit


No person who is an owner, proprietor, practitioner,

partner, or chief executive officer of an entity qualified to hold a business membership may hold an individual membership.

No non-profit exceeding 100 employees may hold an individual membership.

Associate Member


An Associate Member is employed or associated with

a company that has a full membership in the Chamber, i.e, Real Estate Agent whose broker company is a member.


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